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In the Maine Mason Magazine, the Grand Librarian wrote: "Part of Maine’s past is the Aroostook War (sometimes, believe it or not, called the ‘Pork and Beans War’) which arose from border disputes with Canada.

Most of us know of the book burnings that occurred during  the Nazi era side by side with the concentration camp  horrors. More than just burnings occurred, though: hundreds  of thousands of books owned by 

It’s inappropriate for a reviewer to be blathering about  books he’s not read but I’ll make this one exception. Arriving  too late for me to finish it is ‘Coach’ John Nagy’s  The Craft Unmasked -The

Brought to Light: Contemporary Freemasonry,  Meaning, and Society by J.  Scott Kenney addresses many of the  problems our organization and its members  face today. It’s academic yet very  approachable, with facts, figures, a great  bibliography

Contemplative Masonry: Basic Applications of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Imagery for the Craft (Revised & Expanded Edition) by C. R. Dunning,  Jr. Its subtitle will alert the prospective reader that this  isn’t just a book of

At a meeting of Maine State Librarians, When Books Went To War: The Stories That Helped Us Win World War II by Molly Guptill Manning was mentioned enthusiastically by several participants. I now concur! Whether

Is reading about Masonic symbolism something you enjoy? Want a book that’s both easy and difficult? (? - You’ll see!!!) You’d be hard pressed to find something better than Meditations on Masonic Symbolism by John

Looking for more Masonic motivational reading? John White has written an excellent book which should certainly give you something to think about: Freemasonry’s Secrets: The Theory and Practice of “Making Good Men Better”. A very

Millennial Apprentices: The Next Revolution in Freemasonry is a book which will (or should) command your attention. Most Masons in Maine today are not of the Millennial generation and, some would suggest, don’t have a

Those who’ve had the privilege of hearing our own Past Grand Master Walter M. Macdougall speak invariably come away impressed feeling that they’ve somehow learned a life lesson. Whether it’s the story of a Maine

Never find the time to just sit and read? Audiobooks can help: they’ve come a long way since the days of cassette tape recorders and now, with any smartphone, you can listen to some great

Several months ago I was contacted by Bro. Marcus Hammonds who asked if I would review his new book, Learn to Subdue Your Passions: A Guide for Modern Liv­ing. Looking at the chapter headings, I’ll

Many of our newer members tell me they enjoy the thoughtful work of W. L. Wilmshurst. You may recall I men­tioned him in the last Bookshelf. Now there’s a ‘updated’ version of his seminal work

Talk about inspiration: Neighborhood Heroes - Life Lessons from Maine’s Greatest Generation by Morgan Rielly is a book you MUST buy! Normally I encourage library borrowing (for some obvious reasons) but in this case, you’d

There are few short, readable yet comprehensive books which can provide our newer members with infor­mation they crave. I’ve just found a great one - by accident while perus­ing Amazon’s new books. Bro. Robert Burtt’s

I never imagined that I’d be writ­ing about a book first published in 1922 but it really is necessary due to the continued interest it elicits. The Meaning of Masonry by W. L. Wilmshurst is

Education by Degrees - Masonic Notes by Raymond Apple is a small, simple book which consists of short but profound essays. An Australian Rabbi, Brother Apple kicks more than a couple of sacred cows, but

Most readers of the Maine Mason Magazine will re­member the television series Little House on the Prarie derived from the book series of the same name by Laura Ingalls Wilder. In a new and excellent

Quality has become too much of a rarity these days so when a book purchased at the author’s website arives in a display box with a plastic top, having a cover of archival quality acid-free

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