Casting Light: A Journey Through Craft Masonry and Beyond

Casting Light by Jason Eddy
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on July 9th 2016
Pages: 126

Symbolism, poetry, and prose. Three approaches to not only unlocking the profound meaning behind the degrees of Freemasonry, but to navigating the Craft itself as a seeker of something more. There are divisions among those holding the title of Freemason regarding what Freemasonry is really all about. This book is an attempt to not only clarify the purpose of our Noble Craft, but to provide perspective on how to best tackle the issues that prevent so many from fulfilling that purpose. Proceed with an open mind...proceed with humility...and allow the journey of a young Master Mason to cast light upon your own path as you seek to find what has been sought since time immemorial...Enlightenment.

For me, it’s both a blessing and a curse to find great new  books. Self-publishing brings more books to market faster  and although there’s a fair amount of chaff amongst the  wheat, there are often true gems. One such work is Casting  Light: A Journey Through Craft Masonry and Beyond by  Bro. Jason Eddy. Personal and reflective,  there’s much to learn and much to be  gained from this small book. Included  are some of his poems to help bring  futher light to the reader. The Library  also has his book Musings Along the  Road Less Taken Vol. I, described as  “…a poetic journey through the mind of  a dreamer, philosopher, and esotericist.  It contains inspirational and deeply contemplative poems….”  Both are well worth reading but the former really does ‘speak  to’ so many things in Masonry and those joining that it would  certainly benefit the new seeker as well as the old cynic.  Here’s something both old AND new: published in November,  a (small) portion of this work actually was posted  anonymously on the web some 16 years ago.