Donations Policies

Everyone loves to get gifts – and we’re no exception. Donations are welcome for both the Library and Museum. However, due to space limitations as well as the interests of visitors both present and future, we must be circumspect in what we accept.

For the Library

Want to get us something we would like to have? Jump right on over to Amazon where we have a WISH LIST for printed books as well as a KINDLE WISH LIST. This is a great way to assist us in building the collection in areas we already know are in demand.

If you want to bring or send something you have, here are some guidelines:

  • First, and MOST important, is that books should be clean and presentable. Rare, historical books about Freemasonry may not meet that criteria but others should. NO MUSTY BOOKS EVER! Must can ruin an entire library in no time so please don’t bring or send something which we’ll be forced to reject.
  • Second, due to space limitations, we’ve been forced to stop accepting fiction books except those which are (a) about Freemasonry; (b) by a Maine author or (c) have Maine as the central locale.
  • And finally, if you’ve got questions, double check before carting things to us. There are a lot of things which seem really valuable but, in fact, aren’t. (We’ve got about 12 sets of Mackey’s History of Freemasonry, for example, and that one you have wasn’t really signed by him although it looks for all the world like it! e-Bay is your friend.)

For the Museum

Again, we’re limited by space and the interests of today and tomorrow. That Masonic membership certificate from 1922 was one of thousands that were issued that year. The Shriner’s fez that your grandfather cherished was also one of hundreds from that time and is really beyond the scope of our collection which covers Craft (Blue) Lodge Freemasonry alone. A piece of jewelry from a Past Grand Master who was also the national head of an appendant organization might be of interest to some but each item must be considered on its own merits.

We’re not licensed appraisers so we can’t tell you the value of something. As members of the Masonic Library and Museum Association, we obligated by their Code of Ethics to avoid such entanglements. Should you need a valuation for tax donation purposes, we’d encourage you to see a licensed appraiser first. We can then provide a letter certifying that the donation was made to us.

It’s SO tricky since we know that personal feelings and life stories are all part and parcel of any item related to a Mason’s belongings. We know too