Facebook & Twitter for Seniors for Dummies

Facebook & Twitter for Seniors for DummiesFacebook and Twitter For Seniors For Dummies by Marsha Collier
Published by John Wiley & Sons on July 29th 2014
Genres: Computers, Web, Social Media, Internet, General
Pages: 360

New to social media? This easy-to-use guide will get you started in no time!
Social media is a ton of fun, and this updated guide makes it easy to set up a Facebook or Twitter account to catch up with old friends, communicate with your family, and enjoy your online experience. Printed in large font for easy reading, this book offers hands-on guidance to connecting to the Internet with a computer or mobile device, creating social media accounts and profiles, searching for friends, joining groups, sharing photos and videos, and more.
If you're one of the 100+ million seniors using Facebook or other social media sites, this 2nd Edition of Facebook & Twitter For Seniors For Dummies will take you through the entire process setting up your online accounts and taking full control over what you post and see on popular social media sites. It also covers popular sites where you can read and share opinions on entertainment and travel options, view movies and television shows on your computer or mobile device, and even create your own blog.

This Second Edition covers new social media options that weren't previously available
Take the pain out of working with an Internet service provider, checking e-mail, and staying in touch with your mobile device
Make it easy to put your photos on Facebook, create a profile, connect with friends, and add other info
Learn how to share the latest updates on Twitter or search for exciting travel destinations on TripAdvisor

If you're a senior looking for simple advice on how to use social media sites to strengthen your connection with loved ones—or to reconnect with friends from your past—this hands-on guide has you covered.

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