Freemasonry’s Secrets

Freemasonry's Secrets: The Theory and Practice of Making Good Men Better by John White
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on June 10th 2015
Pages: 92

The most important aspect of Freemasonry is the "open secret" or plainly recognized truth that there will never be a better world until there are better people in it. Although Freemasonry has a huge fund of esoteric knowledge about higher human development, it can be boiled down to a single statement: "Masonry makes good men better." That statement should always be amplified by at least this much: "Not better than others, but better than themselves-through self-improvement." More broadly, our fraternity makes good men better through self-directed growth in body, mind and spirit, influenced and inspired by Masonic teachings and guidelines. Freemasonry has to do with freeing people from ego-centered consciousness. It does so by emphasizing character development, value realization, abiding faith in God and the highest sort of patriotism. In Freemasonry, we ourselves are the rough stone which is to be hewn and polished into an ashlar fit for building the Temple of God. So the possibility of making good men better is one which extends from ordinary, everyday matters to the farthest range of human nature, traditionally called God-realization, spiritual freedom, liberation, unity consciousness, cosmic consciousness, nondual consciousness and, most commonly, enlightenment.

Looking for more Masonic motivational reading? John White has written an excellent book which should certainly give you something to think about: Freemasonry’s Secrets: The Theory and Practice of “Making Good Men Better”. A very short book but one that will make you reevaluate yourself and how you go about life. In today’s world, there is SO much division and divisiveness but we as Masons have without ourselves the opportunity to take some control to provide a more civil discourse. This is the book which will get you thinking (and hopefully motivated) on how you can do that.