We’re glad you stopped by to learn more about Henry Knox and Freemasonry. Little is known of the details of the lives of many who lived in the 1700’s. In fact, for most of those who were involved in the Revolutionary War, we know nothing whatsoever. Some we know about due to extensive research taking place today but there is precious little left from which to draw our conclusions. Freemasonry, espousing liberty and equality among all men, was from its beginnings persecuted and those who became members often did so discreetly. Today, then, finding information about what they did as Masons is all but impossible. Knox is known to have visited lodges in the company of Freemasons George Washington, the Marquis deLafayette, and other leaders of the Continental Army. Knox was also instrumental in the formation of another fraternal group, The Society of the Cincinnati which was founded at the Continental Army encampment at Newburgh, New York, in May 1783.

Some Historical Comments

by Ed King, Grand Librarian & Museum Curator, Grand Lodge of Masons in Maine

Freemasons, as individuals, were very much a part of the move for independence in the American colonies. They represented both sides of the conflict but because of the way and manner in which the sides aligned (the Colonials being from all ranks and stations in their states compared to the aristocratic British troop leaders and the near-serf class of common British soldiers), it was inevitable that the American side of the conflict was to be much more known for its Masonic involvement.

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The original of this wonderful charcoal was donated to the Grand Lodge of Masons in Maine specifically for this exhibit and was given by the artist, Mason Travis Simpkins in honor of his friend and Masonic Brother, John F. “Jack” Hickey, MSG, USAR (Ret.), Master of Major General Henry Knox Lodge, Boston, 2016-2017.

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