Macoy’s Modern Worshipful Master’s Assistant

Macoy’s Modern Worshipful  Master’s AssistantMacoy’s Modern Worshipful Master’s Assistant on 2016
Pages: 225

For over a century, helpful brothers  would give a newly installed lodge  Master a copy of Macoy’s Worshipful  Master’s Assistant, too often far after  the time when it should have been read.  Now, though, you should give the newly  elected Junior Warden his personal  copy of Macoy’s Modern Worshipful  Master’s Assistant, edited and brought  into the current age by Michael A. Halleran. It’s a very well written  revision by a (now) PGM who, as an attorney, is  acutely aware of the many inter-jurisdiction variations in the  practice of our Craft . He has carefully and throughfully provided  a wealth of guidance to those headed towards the East. This is *truly* a work that every lodge should have available.  Imagine: information on handling the lodge’s social media,  hints about welcoming visiting Masons, realities of planning  a budget and so much more. It’s timely and relevant –