The Craft Unmasked

The Craft Unmasked - The Uncommon Origin of Freemasonry and its Practice by John S. Nagy
on January 1st 1970

It’s inappropriate for a reviewer to be blathering about  books he’s not read but I’ll make this one exception. Arriving  too late for me to finish it is ‘Coach’ John Nagy’s  The Craft Unmasked -The Uncommon Origin of Freemasonry  and its Practice. Some will remember  Bro. Nagy from a Maine Masonic College  program several years ago. How I  missed this book for the past two years, I  don’t know. There’s lots and lots of good  stuff here indeed.

Building Hiram

Building HiramBuilding Hiram: Uncommon Catechism For Uncommon Masonic Education Volume 1 by John S. Nagy
Published by Promethean Genesis Publishing on January 1st 1970
Pages: 162

Some Masons are a bit confused when it comes to understanding the symbols within Masonic Ritual. They have little clue as to symbolic connections that are before them. The author understands this situation all too well. After many years of asking repeatedly for answers and not having them provided in a connected way, he embarked on a personal quest to unify the symbolic information contained in the Blue Lodge Degrees. What he discovered has changed his experience of Masonry. Within the pages of his book, you ll find connections to help you better understand... * The symbolic connection between "Stone" and what it is to be a human being. * Why your use of the word "Perfect" can mean the difference between success and failure. * How you can manifest the Lost Word in the presence of The Three. * The True Wages of a Master Mason. * The significance of the last 7 steps in moving yourself into being a true Master. Dr. Nagy provides you with an interesting, intriguing and thought-provoking guide to improve and strengthen your Masonic awareness and clarity. He shares key information and insights that will help you better understand how facets of the first Three Degrees fit together to help you in your Building.

At Maine Masonic College’s 2nd Annual Convocation, those present will be engaged by Dr. John Nagy, a life and business coach but also a Mason with considerable insight into our ritual and how it eff ects lives. ‘Coach’ Nagy has published a series of four books answering questions about the details of our ritual and our fraternity in a question and answer format: the ‘catechism’ type of learning that we all know so well from our degrees. This methodology makes the understanding of many concepts flow in a way which our minds understand and accept, moreso perhaps, than simply by reading a book. There will be copies of these works available at the Convocation but they will likely sell out fast. Get yours ahead of time by heading to his website at Look on the left for the blue covers. In a convenient 4×6” size, these books will go with you anywhere – and you can learn in bite-size pieces! Pick up the set of four: you won’t regret it.