All libraries need volunteers: we’re no exception. If you’ve got even a little time to help us out, your assistance will be most welcome. We need help in the following areas:

  • Preparation of donated books to acknowledge the donor’s generosity and prepare them for lending;
  • Book entry into the library catalog software (basic computer skills are all that’s needed; we can teach the rest and it’s not hard, honestly!);
  • Repair and conservation of older books (we have training manuals and videos available to show you how) – you could learn a vocation which could become a profitable part-time job!;
  • Book binding for periodicals (again, training videos and materials provided);
  • Covering books for to protect them from wear (it’s amazing how easily books today can take on a worn and unappetizing appearance without this);
  • Creating a history of the Grand Lodge Library and Museum from a review of past Proceedings;
  • Reviewing Grand Lodge Proceedings to create a listing of books received for identification of missing books;


And, as the Museum regeneration begins, assisting in the conservation, documentation, and presentation of artifacts to help tell the story of Freemasonry and our great state of Maine!

Or if you’ve got any other skills that you think might be helpful in this endeavor (graphics design, podcasting, public relations, and nearly anything you do), we welcome your input and energy. Call or email the Grand Librarian, Ed King, and we’ll get you involved now. (Free coffee and lots of grateful appreciation readily provided! Pick your own hours and work as much or as little as you’d like. Every little bit helps!!!)

To the right is Honorary Assistant Grand Librarian Bro. William Connell who, at age 91, recently retired from active volunteering. Small in stature, Bill left a huge void which we need to fill. Can you help?

You don’t need to be a Mason to volunteer: we’d welcome anyone with an interest and it’s the kind of thing you could use to ‘buff up’ your resume! We’ll help you learn new skills that may help you in future advancement!