A word from the Grand Librarian

So many lodges in Maine now  support ‘Bikes for Books’. About  1,500 bikes and helmets will be  given to youngsters this year but  that’s nothing to the thousands  more who’ll become life-long  readers and learners, bettering  our society! Your lodges and the Maine Masonic Charitable  Foundation can be rightfully proud of this wonderful work!

BUT despite the tremendous efforts  made for our youth, few Masons themselves  read. Am I wrong? How many  books have YOU, my Brother, read this  past year? And yet there’s SO much of  interest, even if you’re not a self-professed  reader. Consider what you’ve  missed: the gold swindle in Lubec, the  gangland shooting in Bangor, a bank  robbery in Mars Hill, what a Brother Maine Game Warden  encountered in his years of service, and  hundreds of other works about things  that happened (or could have) right in  your area in the past? (In some cases  even, the future!) There are hundreds  of books, both fiction and non, about  things that could surely tweak your curiosity.  From the creation of Moxie on to  the Nazis landing in Bar Harbor, there’s  fascination galore. And if you’ve got a phone or tablet which  allows programs (those things called  ‘apps’), you can have all of these stories  in your pocket: a perfect alternative to  when you get tired of waiting in the  parking lot with that little blue book in  your hand! (Every Mason understands  that reference for sure….) If you want to  learn more about how to enhance your  reading, let’s talk. There’s a world out  there just waiting for you, one that’s constantly expanding.