Maine Masons support reading!

       We believe that ours is the ONLY Grand Lodge Library in the world which has a dedicated library section devoted to youth, with materials for infants through teens in an area clearly dedicated to them. We’re very proud of this service which we can provide to the family of Masons, travelers passing through, and – most of all – the local communities. 

A visitor enjoying reading
A young visitor enjoying her reading.

       When the Grand Lodge moved their new administrative offices, including the museum and library of the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation, to Holden one of the first thoughts of the new Grand Librarian, Ed King, was to provide reading opportunities for the communities in and around the area. He also wanted area youth to get reading material without having to travel to Ellsworth or Bangor and particularly during the summer months when school libraries were unavailable.

In 2014, he saw a catalog with some wonderful youth-oriented furniture and suggested to the then Grand Secretary, Mark Rustin, that the time had come to move forward with this. Mark wholeheartedly agreed but where would this area be so that it was easily seen and accessible to all? Mark pointed to small conference area right outside of the Grand Secretary’s office and said, “Put it there!” “But what it it’s a bother to you?”, Ed asked. “It won’t be!” And so the odyssey began.  

Books from the Town of Holden
Books from the Town of Holden

At lunch that day, Ed spotted an Etch-A-Sketch at a local restaurant for keeping kids busy while awaiting their meals. Two days later, there were two of them as the beginnings of things for youth at the Library. It continues to grow and expand. When our library expansion was dedicated, the Town of Holden generously donated several youth books for this section.

Each year, we look through the American Library Association annual award winners for books that we believe will be of interest and add them to our collection. We try to cover all ages and interests and find things that will be enjoyable and foster a life-long love of reading.

Got suggestions? Let us know. And THANKS to the many gracious donors who made our library expansion possible.